We are conscious of our social responsibility and concerned about our environment. We monitor our carbon footprint and are involved in the WE MONITOR / WE REDUCE CO2 project.

The carbon footprint is a measure of the impact of human activity on the environment and in particular on climate change. It is an indirect indicator of the consumption of energy, products and services. It measures the amount of greenhouse gases that correspond to a particular activity or product.

Find out the carbon footprint
of the most common side dishes (per 1 serving)


As a non-manufactured product
potatoes have
a relatively low carbon footprint.


Pas has acceptable carbon footprint
among manufactured products.
The environmental burden
can be further reduced
by proper preparation.


Rice is one of the most
polluting crops. Its cultivation
puts a burden on the environment
similar to that
of the aviation industry.

Consumers are also aware of the weight of the burden on our planet and are concerned about our environment – and make their consumption choices accordingly.

The carbon footprint can be determined at different levels: national, city-wide, individual, or at the company and product level.

What are we doing to reduce our carbon footprint?


We have reduced
the width of our packaging film
- and therefore the amount of waste.


We started using
brown cardboard
made from 100% recycled cardboard
instead of painted black cardboard
We also save ink from printers.


We simply have to transport the goods
to the customer,
but we try to keep the truck
as fully loaded as possible on its way
there and back and we carefully plan
every trip.

We reduce the cooking time of pasta

With pasta, it is the cooking itself
what has the biggest impact on its carbon footprint.
Even though this is done outside of our company,
we still try to help you with it – especially
with the Adriana 2 minuty product line.

You can also reduce the boiling time by using an adequately sized pot and the right amount of water. It saves you money too!

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