Production division

Litovel Division

The Moravian pasta manufactory based in Litovel, near Olomouc was established in 1993.

It is currently the most modern pasta making plant in Central Europe. It is equipped with state-of-the-art technology from Italian and Swiss suppliers. The production plant has undergone extensive expansion of production capacities and overall modernisation over the last five years.

Annual pasta production volume, exceeding 50,000 tons per year, means that the plant is comparable to major Italian producers.

Boršov nad Vltavou Division

Originally a wheat mill and pasta manufactory, the plant became the Europasta SE mill division after production was concentrated at the Litovel plant in 2013. It is particularly important as a facility producing the raw ingredients for making pasta and also provides important mill capacity in the South Bohemian Region.

In addition to the B2B segment, the mill division is also a major supplier of flour in consumer packaging. The wheat mill is equipped with cutting-edge technology by Buhler and has undergone extensive modernisation in recent years.


Our company’s main priorities are product safety and quality, which we address comprehensively and intensively, from the purchase of ingredients to the dispatch of finished products.

We only use ingredients from pre-approved and verified suppliers for the manufacture of our products. In addition, we inspect all batches of ingredients in internal and external laboratories based on a set plan, so that we can be truly certain they meet not only legislative requirements, but also our internal specifications.

We supervise individual steps in the production process by following the principles of good production and sanitary practices, the HACCP system and other International Food Standard (IFS) requirements, which we implemented at both our production divisions several years ago, and for which we regularly obtain higher level evaluation during certification processes carried out by an external certification company.

Further evidence of our commitment to product quality is the fact that we are regularly awarded the prestigious KLASA label for our egg and egg-free pasta and wheat flour, which has been issued by the Czech Ministry of Agriculture to only the highest quality food and agricultural products since 2003.

In order to meet all our customers’ needs, we have prepared a wide range of pasta at our Litovel division, which includes both traditional egg and egg-free pasta made from soft wheat, as well as semolina pasta, gluten-free pasta and since 2016, also whole-grain pasta and organic quality pasta, for which we acquired valid certification at the Litovel division, which enables us to produce pasta from organic flour according to the strict rules we set for organic pasta production.

Besides egg pasta prepared using traditional rolling technology, we also produce a complete range of wheat and rye milled products, together with dehydrated fine wheat semolina, and a basic range of extruded crisp bread slices, including gluten-free crisp bread at our Boršov division. When producing wheat-based milled products, we don’t just specialise in food products, but also animal feed products, whose quality, production process, technology and transport have been certified according to international standard GMP+ B2 and B4.

Prior to being released to customers, each batch of products goes through a strict quality control process both during and after production at internal and external laboratories based on our set plan. All the above steps ensure that our customers only receive products made from quality ingredients on modern production lines, in compliance with strict sanitary, production and quality standards.